Hello, I am Val.

I am a designer specialized in UI/UX for brands that are struggling with building discoverable, functional, and appealing websites & mobile apps.

Journey so far

Growing to establish myself as a creative has been a battle against an education system that attempts to make everyone the same - fish, monkey, and elephant. For this I call myself dauntless, walking the path less travelled.

I find that the design process allows me to enjoy my creations while giving 200% of myself to projects. And for this reason, all of my clients say, "AWESOME DESIGNS!", when I deliver their projects. I live for the smiles I put on people's faces.

Angaza Elimu Learning dashboard

Designing of student and teacher learning dashboard.

Angaza Elimu's Landing pages

Redesigning and improving Angaza elimu's landing pages

Geviton IoT Dashboard

UI Design of their IoT beacon monitoring dashboard.

Stawi chatting app

UI/UX Design of chatting app for fintech services.

Let's make a difference

An email is where it all begins. Get in touch with me right away, and let's begin a fantastic project together.